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Rio de Janeiro: The Priciest AirBnB in The World

The Olympics have turned Rio de Janeiro into the most expensive city in the world and AirBnB has followed the trend.

With the Olympics right around the corner, Rio de Janeiro has become the most expensive AirBnB city in the world. The Chicago Tribune reports that a stay in a private Rio apartment was more than twice as costly as Paris – according to the Bloomberg index of global cities with at least 100 local listings – with an average cost of $206 per day.

Rio is already one of the most expensive places in the world when it comes to hospitality, with an average of $242 a night. Their hotel stock is limited, which made the prices on alternate lodging sites like AirBnB soar with an overwhelming demand coming from hundreds of thousands of tourists that are expected to visit the city during the Olympics.

However, when compared to the hotel index for the same period, the Airbnb price translates into just a 15 percent discount – a far cry from the average of 42 percent discount that an AirBnB lodging usually has when compared to regular hotels.

Leonardo Tristao, head of Airbnb in Brazil, said in an interview this past week that a lot of athletes’ families are staying with Airbnb.

“There’s a lot of demand, but there’s also a lot of supply,” Tristao said. “That helps guarantee that there’s a listing for any budget.”

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