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Responding to Demand for Global Love, Tinder Releases Update With Travelers in Mind

A new premium service from Tinder allows travelers to connect with potential matches around the globe, forming connections before they depart.

In the name of love on the go, Tinder has released Tinder Plus, an upgraded version of its mobile matchmaking app. This premium service debuted on Monday and is available for $9.99 for users under 30 and $19.99 for those 30 and up.

While there has been controversy regarding this tiered pricing system, Tinder Plus gives users access to some of the company’s most-requested features, one of which aims to bring travelers together. The new Passport function enables traveling Tinder users to connect with potential matches at their chosen destination before they even depart. Users can search by city or simply drop a pin on their maps to begin matching, swiping and chatting with other users.

In a blog post, the California-based company said that this particular feature “creates real, one-on-one connections with people across the globe. Whether you’re planning vacations and business trips or simply expanding your social network, with Passport, you’re swiping before you arrive.”

Travelers should note, however, that Passport only allows users to screen suitable matches in one location at a time. The validity of a swipe, according to Tinder, is key to the user experience. The company hopes that this enhanced app will not only be the ticket to love for millions around the globe, but that it will empower users to make genuine connections wherever they go.

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