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Removed From A Flight Because of A Nut Allergy

A traveler with a nut allergy who was removed from a Turkish Airlines flight from Antalya to London has criticized the carrier for its inconsistent policy towards those with this medical condition. Josh Silver said he was cleared to board his outbound flight by staff, who were made aware of his nut allergy.

Turkish Airlines passenger with a nut allergy has publicly criticized the airline after an unpleasant incident onboard. The incident involved passenger Josh Silver, who was due to board his return flight from Antalya to London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) on June 7th with his girlfriend, informed the crew of his condition and was subsequently removed from the flight.

Silver told BBC News that he had spoken to staff on his outbound journey from London and had been given clearance to travel after he informed them of his nut allergy.

While he had initially been cleared to board his return flight from Turkey by the airline’s check-in staff, he notified cabin crew on his flight as an additional precaution but this time he was escorted off the plane by Turkish police.

Speaking of his removal, Silver, who is a frequent traveler, said, “I felt like I’d done something wrong. If I had been drunk I would have understood but I’ve got a medical condition.”

Are they suggesting people with nut allergies shouldn’t fly at all? It’s discriminating,” he added.

The carrier’s website asks travelers to “…inform us of any allergies you may have for your in-flight meal.”

Speaking of this discrepancy, Silver added, “Whilst I understand they might be anxious about my having a reaction on board, their policy is inconsistent. They should not have flown me out in the first place only to refuse to bring me home.”

While Turkish Airlines eventually offered to fly the pair home, the couple were told that they would have to purchase a new set of tickets.

Silver, however, opted to return to London with another carrier.

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Dublin_rfk July 5, 2019

Be careful what you whine about! You may claim special exemption for anything all without proof (ESA's allergies, medical conditions) and air carriers have choices. Bend over backwards and assume large costs delays and the ire of other passengers or they may just say you are not worth the expense.