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Rapper’s Manager Threatens to Decapitate FAs on AA Flight

On an American Airlines flight on Tuesday, the manager of rapper Rich The Kid allegedly threatened to behead a flight attendant after the employee asked Rich The Kid to return to his seat while the aircraft was taxiing to the gate.

Rich The Kid was not booked on any charges due to the ensuing dispute, but his road manager was booked on charges of misdemeanor criminal threats.

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sddjd February 1, 2018

And of course Rich The Kid follows up with ""We get racially profiled on the plane 'cause I'm Black,". No Rich, you were noticed because you broke the rules on an aircraft by leaving your seat while taxiing. Welcome to the real world where federal regulations don't actually care if you think you're more important the other passengers.

redreeper January 10, 2018

With what? A spork?