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Rapper Booted From UA Flight for Phone Convo

[Warning: This following contains explicit language.]


Rap artist Vic Mensa took to Twitter Monday after he claims he was booted from a United Airlines flight for talking to a fan on the phone. Mensa, whose birthday was apparently the same day, was not happy.

The carrier responded to the now-deleted tweets:

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[Photo: Rap-Up]

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FlyingNone June 17, 2016

Offended generation ? Why does everyone who complains and whines have to be "reached out" to ? There always seems to be a compromise in favor of the whiner and rule-breaker. Why ?

cr34102 June 9, 2016

Doesn't sound like a Mensa guy to me...

choefman June 8, 2016

grbauctions, redresser, Gringa, why insult a generation for the actions of one person, perhaps just call Vic Mensa out? Not very flattering!

redreeper June 8, 2016

The entitled generation.

Gringa June 8, 2016

Or the offensive generation.