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Ranting Couple Causes Ruckus on Spirit Airlines Flight

Who’s off first: the pair were filmed launching a verbal tirade when they were reportedly prevented from disembarking first from the plane.

A couple on a recent Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas launched into an expletive-laden rant when they were reportedly prevented from being the first to disembark from the craft, the Daily Mail reports.

Cell phone footage of the episode, which occurred just as the flight had landed on the tarmac in Colorado back in May, shows a standing female passenger demanding to disembark from the plane. As the situation escalates, the woman is heard to swear and shout at cabin crew. In the clip, she can be heard saying, “I want to get off – I just wanna go!”

As the woman becomes more irritated, she continues to swear at cabin crew and passengers and to insist that she needs to leave the craft. Simultaneously, the male passenger she is traveling with is shown acting aggressively and threatening toward flight staff. At one point, the clip shows him moving to the front of the cabin and banging on the cockpit door.

He is asked to return to his seat by a member of the crew, who is heard to say over the plane’s loudspeaker system, “I need you to sit down right now. Sit down sir!” The man ignores the request and asks, “Are you gonna shoot me?”

Meanwhile, the female passenger continues to shout, gesturing violently as she carries on with her tirade.

The plane’s crew remained calm during the episode, but the person who recorded the footage reported that “both passengers were upset because they weren’t able to be the first off the plane.”

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chavala July 5, 2017

we are getting our news from The Daily Mail now? Seriously?

DeweyCheathem July 1, 2017

I don't see why they were not immediately granted their wishes and transferred from the aircraft to a holding cell awaiting prosecution.