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Racial Slurs Spur Fight in Miami (Once Again)

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, another fight was caught on video at Miami International Airport. Witnesses say the situation turned violent when Frontier Airlines flyer used a racial slur when getting frustrated over how long it took to pull luggage from the overhead compartment.

If Miami is known as the “Magic City,” Miami International Airport (MIA) may soon be infamously known as “Fight City,” after another brawl was caught on video. Miami ABC affiliate WPLG reports another fight was caught on tape, spurred after a passenger used a racial slur against another group of flyers.

Flyer Frustrated Over Retrieving Luggage, Using Language Resulting in a Fight

The incident happened aboard a Frontier Airlines flight arriving in Miami from Philadelphia. According to witnesses, a flyer became frustrated when another group was taking time to retrieve bags from the overhead bin. After a brief confrontation, a witness says the first flyer used a racial epithet with the group and started throwing fists.

In the nearly three-minute video posted by Instagram user milli_miami, a white passenger is seen speaking to a group of black flyers. One passenger apparently called the white flyer a “Karen,” followed by language about someone’s mother. Shortly afterwards, violence broke out on the aircraft.

Although the video does not show who threw the first punch or recorded any slurs, the flyers are shown exchanging blows before diving into a row of seats. Other passengers and a flight attendant attempt to break up the fight, but police were ultimately called to deal with the situation. The fight continued for two minutes, before everyone left the aircraft.

Miami-Dade Police reported to the gate when the black passenger involved stayed behind to request a report. After some discussion, the flyer declined to press charges and all parties were able to leave the terminal on their own accord.

A statement from Frontier Airlines by WPLG acknowledges the situation and says those involved were asked to remain on the aircraft, but some left by the time police arrived. All questions were differed to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Latest Brawl Continues a Troubling Trend in Miami

The fight is the third caught on tape in four months at Miami International Airport, continuing a disturbing trend at the terminal. In April 2021, a group started a brawl at an American Airlines gate when there were not enough standby seats to accommodate all the flyers. Less than one month later, another pair were caught on camera fighting in the ticketing area. In the second scuffle, no arrests were made.

Feature image courtesy: Sharon Hahn Darlin/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

djjaguar64 July 29, 2021

Only in America the Greatest country on earth!

drvannostren July 25, 2021

People have lost their minds

Fonsini July 22, 2021

The racial canyon will soon be so wide that we will no longer be able to see each other.

WillCAD July 21, 2021

Good lord. The people of this country are DRUNK with rage. Everybody seems to be itching for a chance to wallow in anger, to scream profanity and throw punches at anyone who looks at them crosseyed. No matter the provocation, sometimes you just need to breathe and let stuff go. Slow deplaning, not wearing a mask, whatever, don't call them a Karen. Other guy, let it roll off your back and don't scream obscenities at the person who called you a Karen. There are worse things in life than being annoyed by a rude person, it's never worth provoking them or returning a provocation when your health, safety, or even life may be at stake. Let it go, for cryin' out loud.

polinka July 21, 2021

So, the third fight in 4 months and they all have a common denominator. Isn't that interesting? Will that ever be addressed?