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Qylatron Honeycomb Machine May Speed Up Security Screening

New luggage scanners could include lockers capable of screening five bags at a time, replacing current methods.

A new personal item scanning system is receiving positive reviews and could be the future of airport screening after a trial run with the Transportation Security Administration. Technology news website PSFK reports the federal security group will begin testing the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution machine as a remedy for manual carry-on luggage scanning at American airports.

The automated machine works similarly to the current system: a traveler walks up to the machine, scans their ticket and puts their carry-on luggage in one of five available lockers. From there, the machines screen the luggage for any potentially threatening items using a combination of x-rays, radiation screening and chemical screening. If a potentially hazardous item is discovered by the machine, the luggage is flagged for an additional manual check. Otherwise, a traveler picks up their item at the other side and is free to catch their flight. Continual software updates from manufacturer Qylur would make sure new threats could be screened for by the machines.

The Qylatron machine addresses two points of contention for travelers. First off, the machines could potentially speed up the screening process, as the honeycomb-shaped machine could scan five traveler’s items at a time. Second, the new system also increases traveler’s personal security, as the lockers would secure each traveler’s items until they are able to retrieve them from the individual locker.

The machines have already been tested with success at other high-traffic venues requiring various levels of security, including Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco and Disneyland Paris. There is no word as to when the machines could appear in airports if the trial is successful.

[Photo: PSFK/Qylatron]

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