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Queen Bee Stows Away on American Flight, Thousands of Bees Follow

Hundreds of bees took refuge under the wing of an American Airlines at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on Wednesday, causing over an hour delay.

The Boeing 767 had landed  from Las Vegas, and was getting ready to leave for Frankfurt, Germany, when a queen bee flew into the wing. Approximately 1,000 of her workers followed.

The fleet services crew noticed the insects and immediately stopped their work. American spokesperson Andrea Hugely told The Dallas Morning News on Thursday, “We called a beekeeper out to deal with the situation. He captured the queen and the swarm and we finished unloading.”

Despite the efforts, the swarm returned to the jet as it was being loaded for its outbound flight. American called the beekeeper back once more, and the second attempt was successful. Luckily no stings were reported, and no bees made it into the cabin.

Per a Facebook post by KCBD reporter Karin McKay, it seems passengers took the delay in stride, and perhaps were even a little entertained by the ordeal.

Pilot says Queen bee flew into wing and 1,000 bees followed, delaying AA flight on runway at DFW for more than an hour!But most passengers up and watching- just beemused.

Posted by Karin McCay KCBD on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AA70 departed for Frankfurt at 4:48 p.m., after a delay of one hour and thirteen minutes. Of the delay, Hugely said it was, “not your usual everyday situation, but certainly something that our DFW team was able to handle.”

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Madison Guy October 19, 2015

Story is still incorrect. "The Boeing 767 had landed from Las Vegas,..." Actually, the 767 operating as AA70 most certainly did NOT come in from Las Vegas as stated. Flight 70 does originate in Las Vegas and makes a connection in Dallas to Frankfurt, but the equipment going out of Las Vegas to DFW is more likely a 737. AA does not operate 767 aircraft in or out of Las Vegas.