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Qantas Inspects Its Old A380s After Cracks Were Detected

Qantas has confirmed that it’s in the process of inspecting the wings of six of its Airbus A380s after minor cracks were detected on these aircraft. Qantas has said that it has already completed inspection of two planes and Airbus has said that aircraft integrity has not in any way been compromised.

Qantas has said that it will be inspecting the wings of six of its Airbus A380s after minor cracks were detected on some aircraft, The Guardian reports. According to the outlet, these cracks have been found on “some early models” of this aircraft type.

Commenting on the findings and on-going inspections, Chris Snook, the carrier’s head of engineering, was quoted as saying, “We have completed inspections on two aircraft and there were no concerns with the structural integrity of the wing.”

The aircraft manufacturer has also reiterated that the integrity of the craft is not at risk and added that any repairs to the wing should be undertaken “within 15 years of the initial wing box assembly.

The outlet further reports that cracks have been noted on the wings of 25 craft worldwide, with Lufthansa, Air France, Singapore Airlines and Emirates all in need of inspection.

Offering an official statement for Airbus on the matter, a spokesperson said, “We have identified the issue and designed an inspection and repair scheme.”

[Featured Image: Qantas]

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davistev July 14, 2019

Wait on - Qantas releases a press statement identifying an issue with the A380 but it was known by Lufthansa, Air France, SQ and Emirates beforehand. If Qantas did not release the statement, would that mean that the other airlines were perfectly fine with not informing the public?

waterskifly July 11, 2019

A minor crack to me would be a crack in the paint... any structural crack is major