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Airline CEO Credits Success to Diversity, Inclusion

The First A380 for Australian Carrier QANTAS arrived at Sydney's International Airport on Sunday morning from Toulouse France. Staff and onlookers swarmed Sydney Airport for their first glimpse of the superjumbo.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said today at the IATA World Financial Symposium that a more open work environment and better diversity and inclusion are the greatest contributing factors to the airline’s success.

“That’s how airlines need to be run. Having silos where only one department is listened to can have a bad outcome,” said Joyce. “You have to have a balanced approach and that’s not just about the finance department,” he said.

Joyce also claims that prior to restructuring its office flow and departmental hierarchy, Qantas experienced “unbelievable problems,” and that after the shakeup, revenue and the quality of customer service have improved.

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[Photo: Qantas]

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