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Pullet Surprise: Pile of Chicken Shows Up at Baggage Claim

Chickens can’t fly…right? Flyers were subjected to a surprise when collecting their luggage in Seattle, after a cube of frozen chicken showed up on the carousel without the accompanying container.

A flock of frozen chicken caused quite the stir when it arrived on a luggage carousel in Seattle without a container. Newsweek reports the cube of chicken pieces were on display without a cooler with little explanation.

A Fowl Mystery in Seattle

The chicken cube was shared on Instagram by the Transportation Safety Administration. In the short video, the chicken is seen traveling down the carousel, along with other bags arriving from a flight. It is unclear where the flight arrived from, which airline mishandled the poultry, or the exact airport it was seen at.


“We hear at one time these wings and thighs were cooped up in a cooler,” the TSA quipped on Instagram. “Somewhere between baggage and the carousel they became free range.”

The agency noted that while meat is allowed to travel on aircraft domestically, it should be properly packed in a sealed cooler. In addition, dry ice or regular ice are allowed to get packed to keep everything at a safe temperature. If travelers are planning to carry their meat of choice on the flight with them, any ice accompanying the protein must be frozen solid.

It’s unclear how or where the chicken was mishandled and ended up on the carousel without any packaging. In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson speculated that the chicken simply fell out of whatever it was packed in.

“Our understanding is that it fell out of a cooler behind the block of chicken (and you can see the chicken is still in cooler shape),” the spokesperson told Newsweek. “Our guess is that the owner did not think about the lid coming open and did not tape it securely enough.”

The flyer responsible for checking the chicken has yet to be identified.

Not The Craziest Animal to Fly High

While a block of chicken is certainly nothing to scoff at, it may not necessarily take the prize for the weirdest animal allowed to travel. In 2017, a 20-pound live lobster was checked on JetBlue to its final destination, flying out of Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).

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Feature image courtesy: Transportation Security Administration via Instagram