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Pro Golfer Slams BA Over Downgrade

Spanish pro golfer Rafael Cabrera-Bello, set to play in Europe’s Ryder Cup this year, took to Twitter Thursday to vent his frustrations concerning a poor experience on a British Airways flight:

In a response to Cabrera-Bello’s above complaints, the carrier offered to cover the cost for part of the flight. The golfer responded:

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[Photo: USA Today Sports Images]

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1StRanger September 23, 2016

And if the guy wasn't a "star golfer", but a villager Joe, would the story get a similar response? Oh, I see: a villager Joe is less likely to fly in First... Change that to a business consultant John. I am sure it happens every so often. It is because of the assymmetric [sic!] policies covering the air-travel industry.If there were a strict SLA with harsh financial punishment for the airlines, I am sure they would be more careful to avoid this and other screw-ups. And I know the arguments that it would make travel more expensive. But I don't think anybody knows that for sure or has done anywhat serious research to support that conclusion. And the trend is not limited to the airlines, it happens in other segments of the travel industry: A few months ago I was downgraded by Radisson in Addison,TX from a suite purposely reserved well in advance to a regular room, because "the previous guest decided to stay longer". The manager called us in the morning and said that he "can not legally have the guest moving out". If I had canceled my room that morning prior to his call, I would have been charged a one-night-price cancellation fee.

wolf72 September 22, 2016

Oh, I have been stuck in this seat on a long haul flight and it is cramped and very uncomfortable. I would not be happy if I was downgraded and then dumped here.