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Prison Awaits Racist Passenger Who Threatened to Blow Up A Spirit Airlines Flight

Michael Minko became violent and racially abusive after he consumed whiskey and anti-anxiety medication on a Florida-bound Spirit Airlines flight last July. Cabin crew enlisted the assistance of three passengers in order to restrain the man, who will begin a federal prison sentence this month.

A man who became physically violent and verbally abusive onboard a Spirit Airlines flight last summer has been sentenced to federal prison, the Miami Herald reports. Passenger Michael Minko, who was traveling on a Fort Lauderdale-bound flight from Newark, New Jersey on July 18th has received a two-month sentence for interfering with the performance of the flight’s cabin crew. The verdict was announced on Tuesday in a statement by the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

According to court documents, a fellow passenger observed 36-year-old Minko consume a large quantity of whiskey as well as alprazolam, a generic form of anti-anxiety medication Xanax. The passenger then informed a member of the flight crew – who is named only as R.N. in court documents – of Minko’s behavior. Minko reportedly denied having a bottle of whiskey and shouted that he was unwell and wanted to disembark.

Minko was then asked to hand over the alcohol by a second member of cabin crew, identified in documents as B.B. At this point, the statement of stipulated facts records that Minko announced that “he was going to kill R.N. and everyone else by blowing up the plane.” Minko also began to racially abuse B.B, who had given him a sick bag.

He then became physically violent and proceeded to punch the seat of the passenger in the row ahead him as well as a cabin window. Minko also shoved another traveler during his outburst.

As his behavior continued, members of the crew were forced to restrain Minko with the assistance of three other travelers. Despite being restrained by plastic cuffs, he continued to verbally abuse B.B., who was able to capture Minko’s behavior on video.

Minko is due to commence his sentence on February 23 , after completing rehabilitation at a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

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