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Airline Exec Fired After Bashing British Airways Staff

British Airways cabin crew.

Katarzyna Richter has been fired from her role as operations director with LOT Polish Airlines after she took secret photos of British Airways crew members and posted them to her private Facebook page along with disparaging comments about their appearance. LOT has issued an apology for her behavior.

An executive with LOT Polish Airlines has been dismissed from her role with the airline after clandestinely taking photos of British Airways (BA) staff and sharing them, as well as her harsh criticism of their appearance, on Facebook, Metro.co.uk reports.

In her post, Katarzyna Richter, who had been serving as LOT’s operations director, said, “Today, my attention was drawn to grooming and appearance of British Airways cabin crew members, unpolished shoes, holes in tights, too tight uniform, double chin, rotten and uneven teeth, messy hairstyle.”

In addition to calling attention to the overall appearance of BA staff, she also queried their professional competence. It is reported that the photos were taken during a flight from London to Poland.

In response to her criticism, one member of BA’s cabin crew said, “How dare this airline executive invite the public to assess the appearance of a rival carrier’s workers. The primary job of BA staff is to keep passengers safe.”

“This woman should know more than anyone how to behave. She must be sacked for fat-shaming BA crew while going about their duties,” they added.

Richter’s comments were flagged up to LOT, who then removed her from her position with the airline.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Poland’s national airline said, “We are truly sorry for this situation. The comments published by one of our employees on the private Facebook profile are contrary to the applicable standards and the value system adopted at LOT Polish Airlines.”

“Such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by our company, therefore we decided to terminate the co-operation with Mrs Richter with immediate effect,” they added.

Richter has reportedly apologized for her comments and has said that she regrets her actions.

[Featured Image: British Airways]

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September 23, 2019

I’m sure she must be saying to her (former) employer “Thanks a LOT!” :p