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Police Shoot Passenger At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Dutch police have reported that they shot and arrested a knife-wielding passenger at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

“This afternoon a man came into the office of the Marechaussee [military police] here at Schiphol and threatened my colleagues with a knife,” a police spokesman told AFP news agency.

The man was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital. Schiphol Plaza, the shopping area near passport control, was temporarily evacuated but the airport and plaza are again open to the public.


For more on this story, go to the BBC.

[Image Source: Flickr]

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Dread Pirate Jeff December 19, 2017

Kind of a BS clickbait post... from your own article, the guy walked into the police station and then threatened people. He wasn't out running around the baggage carousel or ticketing counters stabbing random people.

Broessie December 19, 2017

The man was known for hanging around schiphol more often, so probably not a passenger. This happened landside, not close to the passport control but closely to the train station. They also suspect that he is mentally ill.