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Plane Crash Simulation App Teaches Passengers What to Do in an Emergency

Signs, tools, switches handles and stripes related to emergency slider.

Everyone’s worst flying nightmares come true in a new app that simulates plane disasters and evacuations.

Have you ever wondered what exactly to do if the plane you’re on goes crashing to the ground or has some other equally horrifying disaster? Well, you’ll never have to worry again with the new Apple and Android app Prepare for Impact.

The app is considered a 3D simulation game where the player is a passenger on an aircraft that experiences an emergency situation—everything from an engine exploding to a water landing. Walk the main character through the motions of following the emergency lights on the floor, or putting on the oxygen mask, or using the seat as a flotation device. If you make it through the emergency unharmed, you win.

Italy’s University of Udine Human-Computer Interaction Lab created the game, noting in even the app’s trailer that plane crashes are rare and the game is for entertainment purposes only, although it is intended to also be informative.

“A major unresolved issue in aviation safety concerns lack of passengers’ attention to and understanding of the safety instructions provided by airlines through pre-flight briefings and safety cards,” the game developers said in a release. “Research in aviation safety has shown that comprehension of traditional safety instructions is below acceptable limits even in passengers who pay attention to them. Playing 3D emergency simulations as games on smartphones could be a novel, effective strategy to improve comprehension of aviation safety instructions in the general public, according to a research study published in the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.”

Luca Chittaro, director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, did note though that people would probably not want to play the game while actually on a plane—just like no one would want to watch an air disaster move while in flight. Why tempt fate?

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