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Passengers Flip as Military Intercepts Flight

A military aircraft came startlingly close to a recent Monarch Airlines flight after it was called to intercept the passenger carrier when it lost communication with air traffic control. The passengers aboard ZB983 to Birmingham were not offered an explanation for the situation, though communication was reportedly repaired by the time the escort jet arrived.

“It was so close you see the pilot,” said passenger Caroline Regan. “It seemed to follow us and there was a small amount of panic – everyone on our plane stood up to have a look … One of the stewards said it was a French Army service and another said it was doing a recce.”

For more information on this story, visit Birmingham Mail.

[Photo: Caroline Regan, Birmingham Mail]

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Minor Guru October 16, 2015

Not a Rafale as said in the article but a French air force Mirage 2000-5. Since they had lost contact with air traffic control, seems like standard security check.

Shuttle_Endeavour October 15, 2015

That's my point, it's click bait rubbish journalism.

Centurion October 15, 2015

Jesse got you to click it and read it!

Shuttle_Endeavour October 15, 2015

How does'a small amount of panic' turn into 'passengers flip'? Seems to be some hyperbolic journalistic licence here.