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Photography Project Features the World as Viewed From Hilton Hotel Rooms

Photography Project Features the World as Viewed From Hilton Hotel Rooms
Jeff Edwards

Photographer Roger Eberhard spent the night in Hilton Hotels across 32 countries on six continents for his recently released book of photographs titled The Standard.

Photographer Roger Eberhard had a photography project in mind that would explore his theory that even when globe-trotting to the far corners of the world, the travel experience is becoming remarkably standardized. Eberhard set out to stay at and photograph entry-level Hilton Hotel rooms in 32 countries on six continents to help illustrate his point in the collection of photographs The Standard published last year.

Eberhard told The Independent that he was amused to find not only did standard Hilton rooms look remarkably similar, in many cases, the view from the window started to seem very much standard as well.

“It’s remarkably difficult to judge where you are in the world from looking out at the view,” he told the newspaper. “If you compare Sydney to Shanghai and São Paulo, they’re very similar in many ways. As I went on, it was obvious that the project wasn’t just about the standard room with the standardized items like the four pillows on the bed, the same toiletries and the alarm clock. ‘Standardized’ applies to both the room and the view – it almost became its own genre.”

The artist insists that the project is neither intended to glorify nor disparage Hilton as a brand. In interviews, Eberhard has mostly positive things to day about his stays at the global chain, but he says he chose Hilton because of company founder Conrad Hilton’s stated belief that every Hilton property be “a little America.”

“They’re offering a product – Hilton to me is synonymous with Western business hotels,” he explained. “It’s looking at our own roles, and the way we commute and go about exploring.”

Eberhard said that by the time he completed his project, it became a struggle to check in to a standard entry-level room because by then, he had earned more than enough HHonors status points to receive automatic upgrades which he would always politely decline in the interest of art.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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  1. WillTravel4Food


    January 30, 2017 at 6:49 am

    Hilton hardly has a monopoly on standardized rooms. Marriott follows the same format. The author could have done the same book with any of several chains.

  2. Grog

    January 30, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Hey, WillTravel: the photographer clearly said he chose Hilton based solely on a Conrad Hilton quote, not because he expected to find standardized rooms.

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