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PHOTO: Pilot Hangs Out Cockpit Window to Demonstrate Proper Selfie Stick Usage

An unidentified Aeromexico pilot recently decided to give the world a lesson on how to properly use a selfie stick while hanging out a cockpit window.

Shared by Reddit user “tcasalert” Monday afternoon, the grinning pilot’s selfie provides a unique perspective of the Embraer 190, which appears to be parked at an unidentified airport.

[Photo: tcasalert via /aviation Reddit]

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brocklee9000 July 21, 2015

It is not "parked" at an airport. It is clearly lined up on the runway, ready for takeoff. If the extended slats on the leading edge and the illuminated landing light weren't enough to clue you in, the threshold markings should have been a dead giveaway. Looks like a typical "line up and wait."