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AA Let This Giant Dog Into First Class

An enormous dog flying first class aboard American Airlines went viral Monday after one passenger shared a photo of “the literal fattest dog” via Twitter.

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[Photo: Twitter, @madeleinedoux]

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x2y November 3, 2015

He looks more like a DYKWIA movie-star dog than a faux service animal. I can see why people might get disconcerted but I would be delighted to have this gentle giant snoring and drooling on me from coast to coast. It would feel like I never left home. I hope he was sitting near like-minded fellow passengers. I do wonder, though, how does a dog like that get permission to travel in the cabin? And why is he being pulled on an industrial-sized dolly instead of walking on a (short) leash? What are they going to do with that pallet once they're on board?

payam81 November 1, 2015

It's just a matter of time before some state in the US will allowing dog/human common law partnerships. Such is a the insanely ridiculous relationship between the two species there...

UncleDude October 31, 2015

Did the dog use the First Class Restroom?

Gullywhumper October 30, 2015

But, did the dog get a pre-departure beverage?

redreeper October 30, 2015

I'd pay extra to sit with the dog.