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TV Star Rants After BA Check-In Error

English TV star Phillip Schofield took to social media for a long rant after missing his British Airways flight at Heathrow Airport during one of the most hectic flying days of the year. Schofield reportedly waited for over two hours as BA’s new check-in computer system ‘FLY’ malfunctioned at Terminal 5, and the computer error caused huge queues throughout Heathrow as hundreds of thousands of families descended upon the airport for summer holidays.

Schofield tweeted “Not one single member of staff to talk to @British_Airways … What are you upgrading too? Windows 2.1?!!!” and posted to Instagram: “In the queue two hours and not one member of staff to talk to. Love you usually, today you are s***.” This marks the fourth system error for BA’s ‘FLY’ system in the last month.


To read more on this story, go to Daily Mail.

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UncleDude July 31, 2016

Thankfully the BA fault was only a few hours unlike the other 2 Major EU Airlines Lufthansa and Air France who have had Days and Days of Strikes and Disputes in the past months.. Yes The EU is so much better than the UK..I dont think

July 29, 2016

Typical diva TV "personality" mindset: "If I don't agree with it, it's wrong and a personal slight." Perhaps, Mr. Schofield, that "not one single staff member (of BA)" was able to talk to you, because the entire terminal was trying to talk to one as well. Perhaps you should fly private if you don't want this happening.

FlyingWithers July 29, 2016

Now so clear why most EU members are happy to see the U.K. leave the EU. So poor that the national carrier cannot get it right with a back up computer.

grbauctions July 21, 2016

I know for gods sake. There was a computer problem everyone had to wait in que.

aristotled July 19, 2016

LOL.. awww poor entitled minor celeb! Wait, no one knows who you are! lmao... sad.