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Pet Gecko Found in WestJet Cargo After 3 Days

Nom Chompsky, a pet gecko belonging to UBC linguistics student Meryl Bishop that went missing three days ago on a WestJet flight from Ottawa to Vancouver, has been found and reunited with Bishop. “It’s so great. There’s no words, honestly. It’s incredible. I’m so happy that she’s here. She’s back; she’s a little skinny, but she’s still the stubborn little sweetheart that I know,” Bishop said.




To read more on this story, go to Global News.

[Photo: Global News]

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pdsales August 8, 2016

Also, the baggage handlers who found the Gecko now save 15% on their car insurance.

gum August 8, 2016

Great news. Thank you for sharing this impressive new. My best wishes for the the gecko and the fan: Hope both have a long and prosper life.

texmanufan August 6, 2016

It was a mistake. The airline thought it was gordon gekko.