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“People Went Flying”: 37 Injured After Turbulence on Air Canada Flight

An Air Canada flight had to turn around and make an emergency landing in Hawaii after hitting severe clear air turbulence that made continuing the flight impossible; more than three dozen passengers were injured, nine of them with severe injuries, after hitting the luggage storage bins above their seats.

Thirty-seven people were injured on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver, Canada to Sydney, Australia when the plane hit massive amounts of clear air turbulence. Clear air turbulence occurs when moving air masses meet in the sky but aren’t visible with clouds or through radar. Nine people on the flight were seriously injured.

“We all hit the roof and everything fell down,” passenger Jess Smith told a local TV station, reported BBC. “People went flying.”

About two hours after the plane passed Hawaii, it hit the turbulence and had to turn around and make an emergency landing in Honolulu. Passengers were treated for their injuries, given a hotel room, and rebooked for a resuming flight on Friday.

The inside of the affected plane had blood everywhere, passengers reported on social media, and the walls were dented from passengers flying out of seats and hitting them.

“I saw the people ahead of me hitting the overhead baggage compartments and then just slamming back into their seats,” passenger Alex Macdonald told CBC News, reported by the BBC.

The oxygen masks deployed, and drink carts were thrown to their side. After the landing, several passengers were seen on social media wearing neck braces. Air Canada noted that everyone who was taken to the hospital has since been treated and released.

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July 18, 2019

Eh ? Keep you seat belts fastened at all times when seated. Eh

fairhsa July 18, 2019

Always wear the seat belt. Surely people know this by now?


If you aren't going to the restroom on a plane, wear your seatbelt. Always.

speedbrds July 18, 2019

There's a reason the cabin crew tell people to keep the seatbelt buckled while seated even with the seatbelt sign is off. People never learn.