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People From This State Leave the Saltiest Hotel Reviews

RewardExpert, a free service that helps travelers maximize their points benefits looked at data and found that travelers from a certain state tend to be the most demanding and crusty in their hotel reviews, via Travel + Leisure.

It seems that travelers from Washington DC are less than kind when it comes to how they rate hotels. RewardExpert created a ranking based on certain metrics to determine the outcome of their query.

The outcome revealed that out of a data set of 878,561 user reviews from 4,333 hotels, Washington DC travelers leave the grumpiest reviews. The nation’s capital doesn’t make up a huge percentage of the overall population but travelers from DC still managed to leave the highest numbers of negative hotel reviews.

They are followed in second place by grumpy travelers from Colorado. Travelers from Colorado tended to leave the lowest scores when rating hotels. And despite Oregonians being friendly and hospitable, they managed to round the top three of grumpiest hotel reviews. Nearly 15% of Oregonians leave negative hotel reviews.

When it comes to happy travelers, they tend to hail from the South. People from Louisiana seem to be the happiest travelers, followed by Mississippians and New Hampshirites.

Although it easy to extrapolate that Southern hospitality extends to when Southerners travel, it is also possible that DC travelers have just had bad experiences and really did manage to stay at bad hotels.

And if you are experiencing a bad vacation, there are some things that you might be able to do to fix it. If you’re seeing all the typical tourist sites, then you just might be bored and over it after a while. Try connecting with a local to enjoy a more “insider” connection with the city.


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sdsearch February 6, 2018

DC is not a state!