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Watch: AA Flight’s Nail-Biting Emergency Landing

Smartphone footage appears to show passengers aboard an American Airlines flight reacting as the aircraft made an emergency landing due to mechanical problems.

“There were some people crossing themselves, but I thought the adrenaline was high and everybody just cooperated,” said passenger Steve Ramsthel. “It was pretty amazing to be honest with you.”

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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tuono07 January 22, 2018

Nail viewing at best.

aero0729 January 21, 2018

lol.. don't you hate the media!? bunch of morons. Also.. American Airlines doesn't operate any commuter jets, you may want to check your facts. It was another company doing business as American but the flight was not operated by American. BIG difference,

cmd320 January 19, 2018

Nail-Biting seems pretty sensational.