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Passengers with Presents Beware: TSA Can Unwrap Gifts

Montreal, PQ, Canada - November 15, 2015: Airline passengers waiting in line to pass through airport security at Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport

Items flagged up during the security screening process can be unpacked and unwrapped for further safety assessment by agents, warns the administration.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is asking travelers hauling gifts for family and friends to think carefully about how they pack their presents, Business Insider reports.

While gifts are certainly permitted, the TSA is advising passengers to refrain from wrapping them until after they clear security checkpoints. In a video outlining its safety procedures, the agency explains that, should a gift need to be inspected further, it may need to be unwrapped.

Some passengers have already seen their parcels come undone at the hands of security agents and don’t appear to be especially pleased with the TSA’s efforts at re-wrapping their items. One traveler tweeted a photo of his re-wrapped gift, commenting, “thanks for pre-opening my girlfriend’s Christmas presents today! I thought they were stolen. Nope, just not wrapped back up!”

In terms of additional pointers, the agency has also advised passengers that edible treats and presents, including pies, cakes, breads, donuts and even turkeys, are fine to bring on-board.

However, gourmets should be aware that liquid items over 3.4 ounces – including beer and wine as well as dips, gravies, jellies and cranberry sauce – are not permitted in carry-on luggage. Even snow globes, it seems, may not pass muster if they appear to hold more than this amount.

When it comes to toys and gadgets, the TSA has advised that smaller electronic items and games consoles are fine to bring along in carry-ons, but that larger items should be placed in checked luggage.

The TSA says that it has issued this advice as part of an effort to help all passengers have a safe and efficient travel experience this holiday season.

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chavala December 12, 2017

Is there seriously anyone who didn't already know this?