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Passengers Revolt over Delayed Brussels Airlines Flight from Congo

After two consecutive days of cancellations, a group of flyers trying to depart from the Democratic Republic of Congo attempted to take matters in their own hands by storming an aircraft.
A viral video posted to social media network X/Twitter shows a group of frustrated flyers trying to leave their airport after two straight days of cancellations.


Insider reports the attempt to storm a Brussels Airlines airplane happened at an airport in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Videos Show Flyers Clashing with Ground Crew, Trying to Board Aircraft

The viral video on social media was shared across multiple X/Twitter accounts, including the “Breaking Aviation News and Videos” account. The two-minute video starts with a passenger filming themselves and several others on the tarmac, before approaching a grounded Brussels Airlines aircraft.


Once the travelers got closer, ground crews immediately stepped in the way and confronted group as they attempted to storm the aircraft. Even as the mob grew, the incident between the crews and the flyers did not appear to get physical in any way.



In a statement to the media, Brussels Airlines confirmed that the flight between Kinshasa International Airport (FIH) and Brussels Airport (BRU) was delayed for two days due to technical issues. The flight, originally scheduled for departure on Friday, September 16, 2023, ultimately took off on the evening of Sunday, September 18.


During that time, the airline claims the flyers were given hotel rooms during the waiting period. It is unclear if they were offered meals, updated information, or any other compensation for their major inconvenience. The flyers ultimately returned home by Monday Morning.


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Gizzabreak September 22, 2023

Revolting passengers! Having traveled the occasional air mile, or lots more than that, in my embarrassingly many years of residence on the planet ... I couldn't have put it more succinctly.