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Passengers Clog Toilets on “World’s First Craft Beer Airline”

In the first-ever craft beer airline, passengers aboard BrewDog Airlines got to experience new brews from the Scottish craft brewer, BrewDog, at 35,000-feet in the air.

Unfortunately, just a few hours into the 8.5-hour flight leaving from London Stansted Airport (STN) to Columbus, OH, one of the founders of the Aberdeenshire-based brewery, James Watt, announced that the toilets had to be closed for the duration of the flight.

The seasoned pilot flying the Boeing 767 aircraft said that, during his 25 years of flight service, he’d never once seen the toilets on this aircraft fill up entirely.

The passengers, which comprised of crowdfunding investors, media persons, as well as brewery staff, remained cheerful throughout the flight.

[Source: Wikimedia]

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tryathlete March 6, 2019

Should have told them not to flush if it’s only #1!

Moyerclan February 27, 2019

Were they not empty at the start of this flight??

drvannostren February 27, 2019

lol gross

CaliforniaSteve February 26, 2019

Who would have ever thought that could happen?