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Passenger Tossed Coins Into Lucky Air Engine, Carrier Takes Action

A man has been detained for tossing coins into the engine of a recent Lucky Air flight. The plane had been due to depart the city of Anqing for Kunming, but was instead grounded as a consequence of the passenger’s actions. The carrier confirmed that it will be taking action against the passenger.

Lucky Air, a low-cost Chinese carrier, is taking legal action against one of its passengers after he tossed coins into the engine of a recent flight, The Independent reports.

A passenger on the flight, which had been due to depart the city of Anqing for Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan province, confessed that he had thrown the coins into the engine after being questioned by staff. He said that he had done so in order to bring about good luck.

The flight was delayed as a consequence of the incident and all 162 passengers were able to make their departure the following day after a full safety check of the aircraft was conducted.

The outlet reports that Lucky Air has said that it will now be taking formal legal action against the passenger who threw the coins, a man who has been publicly named as Lu. According to the airline, it incurred about 140,000 yuan ($20,929) in costs thanks to the flight’s cancellation.

Lu was reportedly detained in custody for a week following the incident, which is not the first of its kind for Lucky Air. The outlet reports that, back in 2017, two women threw coins into the engines of Lucky Air planes on two separate occasions.

It is not known if the carrier took legal action against these two passengers.

Headquartered in Kunming, Lucky Air was founded in 2004 and is owned by the Hainan Airlines Group. Though it primarily serves domestic Chinese destinations, it also offers services to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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drvannostren February 27, 2019

These airlines know they have passengers flying for the first time constantly, why don't they have a bit better briefing? Like specifically mention this during boarding. Remind them not to touch the doors in flight. That said, you call yourself LUCKY AIR...you made your bed, no lay in it.

rylan February 26, 2019

Sounds like that person will be added to the China government no-travel blacklist. What an idiot.