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Passenger Prohibited From Flying After Verbal Attack on Check-in Staff

An unnamed traveler at BRU was banned from a flight for unleashing a tirade that reduced an employee to tears.

A passenger was prohibited from boarding a recent Ryanair flight in Belgium after unleashing a verbal attack on an airline employee at Brussels Airport (BRU), the Daily Mail reports. The unnamed Berlin-bound passenger became furious when asked to pay a €50 ($55.9) fee for not printing his boarding pass and then burst into a rant at the female member of check-in staff.

He filmed himself as he launched into the tirade aimed at the staff member known only as Sabrina. In the clip, the woman initially ignored his attack, but the man persisted. He queried her customer service skills and asked for the name of her supervisor.

The man is quoted by AOL as saying, “Call security, I’m a customer, lady. I’m asking your supervisor’s name so I can speak with your supervisor because I’m unhappy with the way you’re performing your job.”

The situation escalated and the man, who later posted the clip to YouTube, can be heard saying, “You have a bad attitude. You have no business working here and dealing with customers.”

As passengers intervened in an attempt to better the situation, the man’s ire was directed at them. The check-in attendant then began to cry and the traveler asked, “Oh, are you having an emotional breakdown?”

The man later claimed that he was being subjected to the “mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners.” However, eyewitnesses report that race was not a factor in the incident.

A spokesperson for Aviapartner, which runs the check-in facilities at BRU, told the paper that, “A passenger who had failed to check in online (as required) became disruptive during the boarding of this flight from Brussels to Berlin and refused to pay the airport check-in fee due, distracting the gate agent from her duties and disturbing other passengers. The flight departed on-time, the passenger in question did not travel and has since been reported to the local police.”

Ryanair offered its comments to the paper, saying, “Our handling agent at Brussels Airport, Aviapartner, is looking into this matter. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time.”

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