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Passenger Pops Squat on Wizz Air Flight, Urinates

I promise that this news brief is not just an elaborate excuse to make a Wizz Air joke.

On a recent Wizz Air flight, a passenger urinated on the floor of the aircraft after being told by a flight attendant that she was not allowed to use the bathroom.

Passenger Takes "Wiz" on WizzAir

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Flight Attendants on board a WizzAir flight from Warsaw to London had to decline this passengers request to use the restroom. So, a passenger grabbed this video as she decided to take a "wiz" anyway while finishing her phone call..in the GALLEY. #Flightmare | Article Here -> https://thejetset.tv/?p=13391 | LIKE us for more videos & aviation news: Savvy Stews

Posted by Savvy Stews on Sunday, July 22, 2018

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July 26, 2018

Looks like someone took the airline's offer literally! :p

Annalisa12 July 25, 2018