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Passenger Kept Bare Feet on Armrest

An AirAsia passenger said she had the worst flight ever recently, claiming she tolerated another passenger’s feet on her armrest for four hours. Though she complained to the flight attendant, the passenger, Ms. Wu, said the crew member could not communicate with the owner of the feet because she did not speak Chinese.

“They draped over my arm, I couldn’t eat or drink and became constrained throughout the voyage,” said Wu.

Disgusting: Ms Wu endured four hours with another woman's feet resting on her armchair on an AirAsia flight


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flygirl55 December 20, 2015

So, over passengers with their nasty feet on tray tables, bulkheads and back of seats. Travel to another country, like Germany or Switzerland and see how fast an employee will set down the rules! USA hes become "self entitlement". I blame a lot of it on stupid reality shows. media, and magazines.

bobdowne December 14, 2015

and really, that is a very ugly foot under any condition.

December 11, 2015

Why is the face blocked out?

ioto1902 December 11, 2015

"could not communicate with the owner of the feet because she did not speak Chinese" What a BS. I've lived in mainland China long enough to say with confidence that the passenger understood exactly what was asked, and that she can't simply allow limiting her comfort. With some persons, you need to go the hard way. It is the only way to gain respect. As long as westerners don't understand that there is a time for speech and there is a time for imposing, they'll lose to one sixth of the world population.

Grog December 11, 2015

I refuse to feel sorry for anyone who a) tolerates something like this for so long, then b) performs a call to action via social media.