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Passenger Jailed for Drug-Fueled Outbursts on Thomson Flight

Georgi Tenchev’s chemically-induced psychosis terrified passengers onboard the Burgas to Birmingham plane last summer.

The behavior of a drug-addled passenger on a Thomson flight from Bulgaria to Birmingham, England last summer has resulted in his receiving an 18-month jail sentence. The Daily Mail reports that passenger Georgi Tenchev, who was in a chemically induced psychosis when he boarded the plane on July 9th , has admitted affray and has since been jailed at Birmingham Crown Court.

The court heard that Tenchev had ‘distressed’ passengers on the Thomson plane with his erratic behavior. The 34-year-old is reported to have screamed, “They are going to kill me. We are going to crash. We are going to die,” while banging on and attempting to open the cockpit door of the plane.

He was eventually restrained by three members of the flight crew, who feared that the hallucinating Tenchev would also attempt to open the plane’s emergency exit door. The court also heard that the man had been seen acting strangely prior to boarding the UK-bound flight from Burgas, Bulgaria.

Despite being initially restrained and calmed by the crew, Tenchev is said to have been ‘spooked’ once again by the passing of the refreshments trolley. He then proceeded to run at, kick and punch the cockpit door of the plane once more.

Prosecutor Lal Amarasinghe explained to the court that, despite the incident, the pilot of the plane decided to continue onward to Birmingham because there was no alternative facility at which to land. Amarasinghe also explained that Tenchev was detained under the UK’s Mental Health Act upon landing and was given medical treatment.

When interviewed, Tenchev admitted kicking and punching the door out of fear for his life.

Speaking at sentencing, Judge Patrick Thomas, Queen’s Counsel (QC), told Tenchev, “You took drugs. You are responsible for the way in which you behaved. In a state of drug-induced psychosis, you got on a plane and behaved in a most terrifying manner.”

Amy Jackson, defending Tenchev, said, “He appreciates this was an appalling incident that caused a great deal of distress and fear to those on board and should never have happened.”

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