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Passenger Finds HUGE Cockroach in Meal (and Flight Attendants Don’t Care?)

Traveling on a long plane trip any time soon? Watch out for what’s in your meal. You could end up getting a dead cockroach, like a passenger on a recent Air India flight found in his breakfast; the crew, though, allegedly ignored his complaints and continued serving other passengers their morning meals.

During the breakfast service on a recent Air India flight from Bhopal to Mumbai, passenger Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan found a disturbing discovery in his meal: a dead cockroach. He found it in a plate of idli-vada-sambar.

When he attempted to report it to the crew, they allegedly didn’t listen and continued serving other passengers breakfast, despite his suggestion to stop.

“It was found in the sambar served in the aircraft. I informed the Air India crew, but they ignored me,” Chauhan told The Times of India. “Since the crew members were not listening, I returned it to them. I even objected to their serving food to others, but to no avail.”

Because Chauhan could not get the attention of the crew, he instead took to social media and posted a photo of his meal. He also filed a complaint at the airport in Mumbai. Chuahan also wrote an actual letter with his complaint and had the cabin crew sign it. However, when The Times of India reached out to Rajendra Malhotra, the manager of Air India, he told the newspaper the claim was false, as they had not received any complaints about the food at the airport in Bhopal.

The cockroach incident comes only days after Air India changed to serving “stocked food” on international flights.


[Image: Tweeted by @manojkhandekar]

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leonidas February 15, 2019

Later in that Twitter thread, the passenger linked to a tweet from AI where they apologized and reached out to him, presumably to offer some compensation.

rylan February 13, 2019

I'm surprised they didn't try to charge an extra fee for the additional portion

Sabai February 12, 2019

Is the kerfuffle because the passenger wanted a veg meal?