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Passenger Climbs on Wing and Jumps Off

Is this the bravest passenger in the world?

Up in the air, a barefoot man solely clad in blue shorts and a parachute pack is seen in an Instagram video gripping to a wing of an aircraft. He inches closer to the end of the wing, and after gesturing the thumbs up sign, he slowly stands up and back flips off the aircraft. He parachutes safely on to a grassy field. The intrepid skydiver is Francisco Caus, a professional skydiver, pilot and aeronautical scientist in training. His Instagram feed features him in similar daredevil adventures.

[Source: Instagram/ passengershaming]

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Allan38103 February 22, 2019

I saw the exact same thing happen on the "Twilight Zone" and it starred -believe it not- William Shatner.

AirMiles2001 February 21, 2019

The only thing crazy about this guy is that he is barefoot!

Flight44 February 21, 2019

When this fool dies, I hope he doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life.