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Passenger Brings Gargantuan Lobster Aboard Flight (Legally)

Last Sunday, a flyer was allowed to bring a 20-pound live lobster aboard a JetBlue flight at Logan International Airport (BOS), and according to the Transportation Security Administration, the crustacean qualifies as perfectly legal checked luggage.

TSA spokesperson Michael McCarthy tweeted about the incident:

To read more on this story, go to The New York Post.

[Photo: Michael McCarthy/Twitter]

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youreadyfreddie June 29, 2017

I've flown with live lobsters as carry on luggage a couple of times, never more than a four pounder, though.

Allan38103 June 28, 2017

Flyertalk management has determined that this story qualifiers as a "Must Read".

pdsales June 28, 2017

When I travel with my emotional support lobster, I always put bands on its claws out of courtesy to my seatmates.