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Passenger Arrested for Avoiding Baggage Fees

Ryan Carney Williams, a tourist traveling home from Iceland to England on British Airways was arrested this weekend when he attempted to wear all of his clothing to avoid baggage fees.

Williams was wearing ten shirts and eight pairs of pants when he went to the British Airways desk to register for his flight. The reason he was given for his arrest was “rudeness” and his refusal to leave the flight desk when asked by security staff.

Williams recorded the aftermath of the interaction for Twitter:


For more on this story, go to Iceland Monitor.

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ioto1902 January 20, 2018

Was the arrest justified ? I can't say. But one this is sure : pax behavior is totally stupid and provocative.

heungbo January 18, 2018

I read, his relative booked the flight. He turned up with a suitcase and was told to pay a fee for the luggage that he didn't have enough money. So he put the clothing on and was then turned away from the flight etc.

jbfield January 18, 2018

Misleading heading indeed - but not surprised, it's very tabloid at this part of FT. If you notice on this guys' tw*tter feed, he also got offloaded from an EasyJet flight the next day...and tries to claim racial profiling... Mind you, why does the check-in agent (in the video) do a nazi salute!

Mark Gerrard January 18, 2018

Shouldn't fly BA

SamirD January 18, 2018

If they denied him boarding, I guess they would have owed him a refund, right? So it's a choice, abide by the rules, or just take your money and go elsewhere. Kinda silly though as iceland is very cold. I regularly have a hoodie, scarf, and gloves when travelling on the smaller planes as they can get quite cold when in the air.