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Partner Gold Status Will Be Harder to Earn for Qantas Platinum Flyers

Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum members will have a tougher time earning status credits with partner airlines, effective March 13.

Qantas flyers need to earn at least 1,400 status credits annually to qualify for Platinum status. Platinum members who earn as many as 2,400 status credits, can choose to either earn an additional 50,000 Qantas Points, three complimentary Qantas valet parking or chauffeured transfer invitations, or gift Gold status to a friend or family member. Gold status offers lounge access, priority boarding and earning a 75-percent bonus on redeemable points.

At the moment, flying with select airline partners earns status credits toward one of the gifts. However, as of March 13, only Qantas and Jetstar Airways flights will be eligible to earn status credits toward the free partner Gold status. Qantas flyers can still earn redeemable miles by flying partner airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways and Fiji Airways, to name a few.

The new earning system applies only to flights taken after March 13. Until then, all status credits earned will count beyond the threshold of keeping/retaining status.

After reaching 2,400 status credits, Qantas flyers will have 90 days to pick a benefit under the new rule.

Although there’s another status level after Platinum—Platinum One—the change leaves little incentive for frequent flyers to choose another airline over Qantas after reaching Gold status, which offers almost as many benefits as Platinum status.


Do you fly Qantas often? What is your take on the partner Gold status change?

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