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Owner Finds Dog in Suitcase Upon Arrival

A man was reportedly amazed when he discovered his Schnauzer sneaked into his suitcase and completed a five-hour flight flight from Hong Kong to Japan on December 28.

When the passenger allegedly landed at Hokkaido (WKJ), he received a text from his mother – who was staying in Hong Kong – claiming the canine had gone missing. Shortly thereafter, the man found his furry companion in his baggage.

An adventurous dog bagged a free flight to Japan from Hong Kong over the Christmas holidays and gave the owner the surprise of his life when it was discovered at the other end. Stock image used

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[Photo: jcbonbon/Flickr]

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ioto1902 January 9, 2016

He checked a baggage that he didn't prepare, nor did he watched it all the time. He should be sued for putting other pax in danger. Anyway, this story sounds more like something made up for his own publicity.

Dhamal January 8, 2016

I guess they don't screen the bags in Hong Kong... what a major security breach..

Lakeviewsteve January 6, 2016

How on earth wouldn't the baggage handlers not realize there was a live animal in the bag? Don't they do bag screening at HKG?