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Out of the Mouths of Babes: Pint-Sized Youtube Star Takes on the TSA

Montreal, PQ, Canada - November 15, 2015: Airline passengers waiting in line to pass through airport security at Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport

The sassy toddler and viral video star who made a name for herself by telling off a “two-timing boyfriend” on camera is back, and this time, she has set her sights on airport security.

Youngster Mila Stauffer’s Youtube rants may be highly scripted and not at all age-appropriate, but that is sort of the point. The angel-faced little girl’s delivery of lines like, “I’m done with it,” and “Never, ever, mess with Mila,” have earned the toddler internet superstardom even if she isn’t out of diapers yet.

Now, the two-year-old sensation is adding to her overnight popularity with an epic rant about her very first experience with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In her latest video, the wonder child says what we’ve all been thinking, but with way more eloquence than most of us can muster when we speak about airport security.

Stauffer’s latest masterpiece has earned critical acclaim from her more than 25,000 Youtube channel subscribers. Mila doesn’t handle airport security all that well was viewed nearly 80,000 times in just the first few hours of its much-hyped release.

Its isn’t quite the same without the tiny prima donna’s overdramatic eyeball rolls, but as in her earlier opus, Mila apparently has a boyfriend? this most recent performance has more than its share of quotable moments.

“First of all, the line is sooo long – ridiculous,” Mila complains about her trip to the airport at the open of the short film. “I’m two. Not cool. Luckily, I’m still on diapers. This could’ve been bad.”

Mila complains that screeners took both “my shoes and my sippy-cup.” She then further critiques the TSA for putting her “on a spaceship” causing even more confusion (“What? I thought I was going to go to Michigan”).

All in all, the two-year-old appears to have beautifully expressed the humiliation that is the human condition as viewed through the lens of the modern air traveler. “The dude let me out, but not Charles -he got the pat down,” she emotes. “So embarrassing.”

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Grog June 26, 2017

No, it's not being cute. It's child exploitation.

Martina70 June 24, 2017

These videos are so annoying. Don't get me wrong...the little girl is adorable looking and has a cute sounding voice...but the things they have this kid say are totally obnoxious.

rjpjr June 24, 2017

And this is what things have come to.... SOOOOOO CUTE! NOT!!! Parent should be ashamed and banned from flying. Or TSA should flag them all (child included) for extra screening every time they fly. Yes security is a disaster but this kind of "humor" is, well, infantile.

nyc10036 June 23, 2017

I do believe openly speaking one's mind has become way too overrated in the recent years in our culture. Parents allowing/encouraging a toddler to speak in this manner about other human beings--let alone adults-- cannot possibly help anybody (besides that they may get their 15 minutes of fame and perhaps make a little money).

Lakeviewsteve June 22, 2017

It seems like her parents are trying to make money off their two year old's very bratty behavior. Is she being rewarded for being such a nasty child? Shameful.