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#OMG These Are the Most-Hated Hotel Chains According to Social Media

A growing number of travelers are taking to Twitter to badmouth hotel brands.

Crimson Hexagon, a social media analysis software provider, has released a new study showing how hated certain hotel brands are on social media. The study looked at Twitter accounts over a six-month period and analyzed tweets about the world’s largest hotel brands, ranking them from most-hated to least.

Good news first: Radisson and Best Western received the most positive feedback on Twitter, with 62 and 57 percent respectively of all tweets being something uplifting. During the same period, 4 percent and 12 percent respectively of tweets about those brands were negative. The rest of the tweets evaluated were considered to be neutral, neither uplifting or negative.

On the opposite end of the scale: Hilton ranked as the most-despised hotel brand, with 17 percent of tweets being negative. Five brands tied for second place with a 14 percent negativity rating — Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Westin, Sheraton and DoubleTree. Rounding out the negativity scale is W Hotels with 13 percent and Holiday Inn with 8 percent.

These study results come in sharp contrast to the myriad ways hotels are trying to connect with guests positively on social media.

Business Insider provides a full breakdown of the study, as seen below:

Most-Hated Hotel Brands According to Social Media

*Includes Holiday Inn Express

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jtet June 24, 2015

Well, if 17% negative equates to "most-hated" or "the most despised brand" then I suppose that's the spin one can put on it. Negative words in an article perhaps gain more "positive tweets"? I suppose it doesn't sound as interesting to say that Holiday in and Sheraton are the "least liked" brands.

IBobi June 23, 2015

Expect less, complain less.