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Noose Found on Boeing Employees Desk

A Boeing South Carolina employee is taking legal action against the company and alleges that he has been racially harassed at his place of work since 2017. Speaking out about this harassment, Curtis Anthony has said that he found a noose at his desk and that colleagues urinated on his workstation.

A Boeing employee has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against his employer and describes how he found a noose at his desk at the aircraft manufacturer’s plant in North Charleston in February of this year, reports Live 5 News.

Curtis Anthony, a Boeing employee since 2011, said that he’s faced racially-motivated harassment since 2017 but he’s still employed by the manufacturer.

Speaking directly on the incident during which he found a noose on his desk, Anthony said, “My reaction was it took me back. I was born in the 60s. I’ve seen a lot in dealing with the noose and people that live on the dark side instead of living on the light side and people that will always use that as a symbol of hatred. It reflected me in a way that it deteriorated me from doing my job.”

It put me back to when I would see people that would represent the noose. Whether they represented it or not, it just brought back bad memories from my past,” he added.

The suit filed by Anthony also claims that his colleagues urinated on his workstation and used racially discriminatory language in his presence. 

Anthony says that, despite raising these incidents to the plant’s management team, the harassment did not stop. He took medical leave due to the harassment and has received counseling.

“I hope that this shouldn’t be tolerated in America at this day and time,” Anthony commented on the situation. “This is not 1819, this is 2019. Regardless of color, people should say something against it and anything that’s harmful against anyone.”

Though Anthony said he continues to work at Boeing, he feels that the conditions have not improved since the incident took place. The outlet reports that the manufacturer has confirmed that it fired the member of staff who was found to be responsible for placing the noose on Anthony’s desk.

In a statement released late last week, a spokesperson for Boeing South Carolina said, “While Mr. Anthony is a valued Boeing South Carolina teammate, there is no validity to his allegations.”

Moreover, most of Mr. Anthony’s allegations were never brought to the attention of management, giving the company no opportunity to investigate these claims. The single issue he did raise was dealt with promptly and in a fair manner,” they added.

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snidely June 19, 2019

What else do you expect in S.C.? That's why Boeing moved lots of its factory work from "enlightened" Seattle to low cost S.C. Comes w. the territory.

RandyN June 19, 2019

I knew before clicking that this happened at their South Carolina plant.

taffygrrl June 19, 2019

You clearly work in a different world than I do, sfoeuroflyer. My experience with HR is that they try to "manage out" anyone who is harassed – by removing duties, demoting them or transferring them to places that are many hours commute away in order to get them to quit. Or sending them to mediation. "Your boss tried to strangle you. The two of you need to sit in counseling together and determine how you were at fault for being strangled and how you can treat your boss better." Other tricks, which I bet was used here: "yes, you told us your complaint, but it wasn't on form 821-G, which is the only official way to file a complaint, whcih we never told you." If you report, you get punished. And the harasser generally sees no problems. HR departments are there to protect the company. They don't do anything to protect harassed staff.

alexmyboy June 19, 2019

sfoeuroflyer, racist much?

PaulMSN June 19, 2019

Tell that to GM. They failed to act for over two years at their Toledo plant.