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Nine Passengers Sue the Grand Princess for Coronavirus Negligence

Princess Cruise Lines

Nine passengers, all from Northern California, who all sailed on the same Grand Princess cruise to Hawaii have sued Princess Cruise Lines in federal court. They are accusing Princess Cruise Lines of being negligent and, through that negligence, exposing them, and other passengers on the same Grand Princess cruise to the coronavirus.
One of the Grand Princess passengers involved in the lawsuit–Pamela Guisti of San Mateo County–got infected with the coronavirus. Pamela Guisti was treated in an intensive care unit for COVID-19, according to the lawsuit.

The Lawsuit

The Grand Princess cruise sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii on February 21, 2020.  All of the infected passengers are from the area around San Francisco. The passenger who contracted coronavirus lives in San Mateo County. The other affected passengers in the lawsuit live in San Francisco and Stanislaus Counties. Another also lives in San Mateo County. There are currently around 500 cases of the coronavirus in the Bay Area. There have been 150 deaths.
However, the passengers in the lawsuit say that it was onboard the Princess Cruise Lines ship where they were “traumatized by the fear of developing COVID-19” while quarantined. The ship began returning to San Francisco on February 29, when it was forced to keep sailing when cases of the coronavirus began breaking out.
The nine passengers, who are also alleging negligence on Princes Curise Lines’ part, say that the crew did not inform them that some passengers were beginning to show coronavirus symptoms. They also allege that the ship wasn’t thoroughly disinfected and that the crew waited too late to quarantine passengers in their cabins.
The cruise was stalled off of the coast of California for several days before it was finally allowed to dock in Oakland, California on March 9, 2020.
Later, the passengers were moved to Travis Air Force Base after they disembarked, according to their lawsuit.
hfb606 April 12, 2020

There are always people trying to make a quick buck out of every calamity...

April 12, 2020

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edgewood49 April 12, 2020

I think the cruise lines do have some liability the question will be what should they have done? In the early stages when allowed to dock but not discharge passengers creating a perfect storm who had the liability the host country or the cruise line. I think its safe to say that should another incident like this happen in the future and it surly will we as a world will react differently. Going forward how will the cruise lines entice passenger back like the airlines there is the issue of density thats a huge issue going forward. For me a future cruise that was being considered is gone.

CEB April 12, 2020

And I see no 'very frequent flyer' reviews. Just the opinions of the author!

Flying Lawyer April 11, 2020

Who will present the evidence that these passengers affected were not the ones bringing the virus on board? Incubation takes up to 14 days and may well show no symptoms at all. Everybody of these nine may well have been the source of the problem