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New Travel Pillow Raises Over $300k via Crowdfunding

The FaceCradle Travel Pillow is a versatile new device that purports to make sleeping during long flights a lot more comfortable.

Sleeping during a flight can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you’re flying coach. Two Australian entrepreneurs, however, have created a new pillow that can make a long flight a lot more tolerable. The Huffington Post reports that their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has more than surpassed their initial goal of $15,000, reaching the astounding number of $342,000 with more than a month left to go.

The FaceCradle Travel Pillow was created by David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu, who have had more than their fair share of uncomfortable naps aboard airplanes. Their invention consists of two pillows that are held up by an internal frame and bound together by a hinge that enables the two pillows to fold out and lock in whatever position the user desires.

According to the Post, the FaceCradle can be used in five different positions:

1. Dozing Mode – Mimics the position of a standard neck pillow.

2. Snoozing Mode – FaceCradle is positioned between the user’s head and shoulders, allowing the user to move his or her head horizontally and relieve pressure from their neck.

3. Table Nap Mode – FaceCradle is placed on the airplane tray table or any other table with user’s arms in between the two pillows. This mimics falling asleep on any table but with far more comfort.

4. Deep Sleep Front – The FaceCradle harness is attached to the seat back with the user leaning forward at the most comfortable position. User places head into FaceCradle as if they were lying on a massage table.

5. Deep Sleep Side – Same as Deep Sleep Front except with the user’s head facing sideways.

The pillow is very versatile and easy to carry and stow away in your bag. It’s made of hypoallergenic memory foam on the inside and the covers are made of brushed velour – a soft polyester material – so it can be very comfortable.

It also can be used without bothering any of your fellow passengers. The seat does not need to be adjusted when attaching the FaceCradle’s harness, nor will the comfort of the pillow be affected by the seat in front of the user reclining backwards.

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Bear4Asian August 27, 2016

Too complicated.

jonsg August 26, 2016

@BJM - they explain that it's designed to hook around the "wings" that you get on headrests on longer-haul flights, so shouldn't interfere with IFE.

BJM August 26, 2016

Looks interesting. An issue with the deep sleep modes, that I can see, is the potential interference with the seat back entertainment of the person behind. Would require some careful negotiation. Although as airlines move to the passenger providing their own PVD this may be less of an issue.

live5 August 26, 2016

The only one that looks appealing to me is snoozing mode. The others just look uncomfortable (not to mention embarrassing).