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New Perks and Package Options for United Economy Plus

United Airlines latest offering allows flyers to bundle Economy Plus seats with checked luggage and lounge passes.

United Airlines is offering a new incentive for upgrading to Economy Plus with their latest plan to bundle products together at one price. The two new bundles, called Economy Plus Essentials and Economy Plus Enhanced, allow travelers to buy additional perks alongside an upgrade to the premium economy seat.

Each of the two bundles offers travelers a number of comforts not normally accessible with an economy ticket. The Economy Plus Essentials bundle is the lesser of the two packages and includes one extra standard checked bag alongside the premium economy seat. The Economy Plus Enhanced package is the next step up and includes use of the Premier Access lane, a United Club lounge pass and extra award miles for everyone flying on the itinerary. While the price will vary, the airline claims flyers can save up to 25 percent off the costs of purchasing each piece individually.

“After their flights, customers who sit in Economy Plus consistently report higher levels of satisfaction — including with parts of the travel experience outside of the aircraft,” United spokesperson Rahsaan Johnson told USA Today. “By launching the product bundles…we hope to make Economy Plus access easier and more attractive.”

Much like a standard economy ticket, the Economy Plus bundles come with a number of restrictions. Once purchased, an Economy Plus bundle is not refundable unless a flyer is upgraded, or cannot be accommodated due to a canceled flight. Furthermore, the ticket must be purchased for everyone on an itinerary and cannot be purchased for just one flyer. In addition, United MileagePlus flyers will only earn Premier Qualifying Dollars on a portion of their purchase.

The new product offering comes as airlines around the world are collecting more revenue through ancillary products. Research group IdeaWorks estimated the global airline industry would collect over $59 billion in ancillary revenue in 2015.

[Photo: United Airlines]

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