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New Hilton Partnership Puts Peloton Bikes in Hotels

After becoming the preferred workout equipment of the pandemic, travelers at Hilton Hotels around the world will soon be able to access Pelton bikes when staying at most portfolio properties.
Hilton is adding a new piece of workout equipment to nearly all their U.S. properties: Peloton exercise bicycles.


In a press release, the hospitality giant announced they would soon add the high-tech, digitally connected bikes to their properties in a new partnership with the company.


Hiltons to Get at Least One Peloton Per Hotel

According to Hilton, the new agreement is driven by consumer demand. The company cites a recent survey they conducted, which revealed 98% of travelers are “prioritizing wellness activities while on the road,” while 90 percent of Hilton Honors members say “they are more likely to stay at hotels with Peloton Bikes.”


The plan is to add at least one Peloton exercise bike to nearly every Hilton-portfolio hotel, ranging from the budget friendly Hampton Inn to the high-end Waldorf Astoria. It is unclear which hotels will get more than one Peloton bike, or if the program will be expanded outside the United States in the future.


“This unique and exciting partnership with Peloton – a brand so many of our guests know and love – accelerates an important part of that [customer experience] equation,” Matt Schuyler, chief brand officer at Hilton, said in a press release. “Allowing us to enhance the stay with an innovative approach to fitness.”


The goal for both companies is to add the bikes to U.S. hotels by the end of 2022. In addition, all U.S. based Hilton Honors members who are first-time Peloton users can access a 90-day trial subscription to the Peloton App, which offers workout classes without the need for a bicycle. The trial is available until January 1, 2023.


New Benefits Come as Future of Amenities Come Under Question

With travelers returning to hotels, the new amenities come almost a year after hotels began experimenting with “a la carte” pricing. In 2021, MCR hotels began offering discount pricing for the room, while charging add-on fees for primetime pool access and late check-out.


hedoman October 6, 2022

Peleton looking to put their bikes wherever they can.   I doubt Hilton is paying more than $50 per bike.