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New Airbus Aircraft to Alleviate Jet Lag, Bring Down Drones

Two new technologies developed by Airbus may reduce jetlag and shoot down drones.

Flyers aboard Airbus aircraft may soon have two new technologies that will help them traverse the world comfortably and safely. The aircraft manufacturer, which is based in France, unveiled two advancements for their commercial aircraft that will mimic sunlight in the main cabin and prevent drones from flying in their airspace.

Speaking to Quartz, a spokesperson for the manufacturer says they have incorporated a lighting system into the A350 XWB aircraft that can replicate 16.7 million light color combinations. As a result, lighting in the cabin can better reflect the natural transition of light from sunrise to sunset, allowing travelers to better adjust to time differences during their flight.

Alongside the new lighting spectrum is an air filtration system that refreshes the air in the cabin every three minutes. Although Airbus claims the lighting and air systems can help travelers defeat jetlag, there are no measurements available to confirm the system effectiveness.

In addition to the lighting development, Airbus is making travel a safer experience by through a system that prevents drones from flying near aircraft. In a press release, the manufacturer announced a new plan to detect and bring down unmanned aircraft from six miles away.

The new system was debuted at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The system combines multiple existing technologies, including radar and infrared sensors, to detect drones. From there, the system takes over the drone in flight and disables it before it can fly near the aircraft.

Furthermore, Airbus claims their system can also track the drone pilot through the remote controls and turn the information over to law enforcement agencies. In the press release, a spokesperson for Airbus Defense and Space claims their new advancement will address a “security gap” presented by drones.

The Airbus A350 was first certified by the EASA in September 2014, with Qatar Airways officially launching the aircraft for passenger service. All three American legacy carriers have put in orders for the aircraft, with over 30 airlines invested in the next generation aircraft.

[Photo: Airbus]

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ioto1902 January 13, 2016

What the use of Airbus developing such (useful) lighting system, if, on most flights, FA dim the light down as soon as meal is finished ?