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Nationalities Now Travel Together at Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook stops a company policy that separated guests into different resorts based on nationality.

It took a survey of guests to do it, but Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest company providing holiday getaways, has finally stopped separating guests out by nationality. The policy before saw the company assigning specific nationalities to different hotels in its portfolio. But the recent survey showed 90 percent of guests are willing to stay in places with guests of other backgrounds — as long as it’s well mixed.

“We’ve exposed a myth that Germans want to be with Germans and Brits with Brits,” Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook’s Chief Executive Officer said in a briefing reported by Skift. “It seems most people are now willing to mix if the mix is right.”

Thomas Cook sees this as a departure from stereotypical perceptions of other nationalities, noting that consumers are generally more open to mingling with others now. The London tour operator works in Britain, Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia.

The move is also an attempt on Thomas Cook’s part to boost occupancy amid what it calls the “new normal” of terrorist attacks. Right now it’s facing a shortage of rooms in the most popular destinations, with attacks in Turkey and north Africa sending more travelers to Spain and the Mediterranean.

The company has also expanded operations in Nordic regions, hoping to woo travelers from across Europe with a “Scandi-cool” element. It’s also recently launched a self-named chain of hotels called Casa Cook in both Rhodes and Kos (under construction) in Greece.

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ChrL April 4, 2017

I think the article means "country of residence" rather than nationality. Eg) Thomas Cook in England would have sold rooms in one hotel whereas the German branch of Thomas Cook would have sold rooms in a different hotel.

madbrain March 31, 2017

How did that ever work for families with different/multiple nationalities ?