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Muslim Aiport Employees Claim They Were Fired Due to Their Beards

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The terror attacks in Paris led to the firing of two Muslim airport employees because of “their beards.”

Two Muslim former security guards at Orly airport in Paris claim they were fired after the terror attacks because of their beards. According to The Local, shortly after the attacks in November, officials at Orly rounded up all the bearded, Muslim employees in the airport and suggested they trim their beards to help ease passenger anxiety. Two men, 34-year-old Bechir and 28-year-old Bachir, refused and instead filed discrimination complaints. A few days later, they were fired.

Bachir, who said his beard was not religion-related but hipster fashion, allegedly suffered from discrimination at the airport in the past due to his beard and his religion. But Securitas, the company who hired both men, claimed that Bachir was fired for breaking security rules in addition to his beard: tardiness, absences, and too much chatting on the job. Bechir, also claiming to be fired for his beard, was officially told by Securitas that he was actually let go in June because he was “medically unfit.” Both men are now represented by the same lawyer, who says that some companies are resorting to paranoia-based tactics in the wake of the attacks.

At both Paris airports, Orly and Charles de Gaulle, security has been heightened since November. Seventy employees recently had their security clearance revoked after a mass screening of employees by Aeroports de Paris. The company’s CEO said the withdrawal of clearance was due to radicalization of the employees.

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MimiB22 December 28, 2015

My brother is a retired commercial airline pilot, his wife is currently a FA. Over Christmas they were telling the family that their biggest worry is not terrorists trying to get through security as passengers, as there are many security measures in place to prevent that. No, he worries about airport personnel and airline ground maintenance, as they have ready access to the planes and are rarely properly screened. He worries about their stowing explosives on the planes between flights. So… he is in favor, to put it mildly, of much tighter security standards for the people who work in airports and clean and maintain airplanes.

flyshooter December 23, 2015

Come on folks. It's not Orthodox Jews or roving bands of Swedish Lutherans who are blowing up the west. Only Muslims do that so it is reasonable and logical to deal with them accordingly.

BillyBaloney December 23, 2015

I don't care.

txlflyer December 22, 2015

@aristotled - "these people" ? So being a muslim and spotting a beard makes these men outlaws ? Whose next, orthodox jews with kipa and beard ? Tattod folks, obese men and women ?

djjaguar64 December 21, 2015

Interesting, just imagine that FAT people were the bad guys, so all FAT people would have to be fired from these roles. Human nature is very predictable.